Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Highland Games - Fire Up Video!!

Well the Maclean Highland Games are approaching, and Main Beach Training's 'Team McCracken' will be back to flip, throw, putt, wrestle, carry, dash, and celebrate the wonderful Maclean Highland Gathering [click title for link] for 2012. The Games are held on Saturday 7th April 2012 at Maclean Showground with other wonderful displays and events on Friday the 6th April 2012 also (for full details check the site above).

Monday, March 5, 2012

Monday Fire Up

I know this is a bit late, but this is a great video for those who like to get a bit pumped up or amped. Inspiration comes from many places, WHAT YOURS???

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Fitness 4 Funds Wrap Up

On the morning of the 8th October 2011, Main Beach Training (in conjunction with Functional Habits) held the first Annual 'Fitness 4 Funds' Charity Event on the picturesque Main Beach.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Welcome Back Kelly...

G'Day Everyone,

The summer 'silly-holiday' season is now over and it is now time to knuckle down and bring the path we are traveling back on course. I have been cleaning out my inbox after a few weeks off and stumbled upon this great video which was posted on Zach Even-Esh's Website (killer site check it here). David Rutherford produced this great video on 8 'Missions' to Develop Self-Confidence, something we all need to kick back into gear after a lay-off or holiday or rough trot. I thought this would be a great opening post to kick start my new mission of bringing you more content to help you on your journey.

Stay tuned for more regular posts...


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The LATE Monday Fire Up...

The inspirational video for this week is the probably one of the most fascinating and amazing thing on this earth, US!!!

This will get you pumped...

Jump Rope Demo - Ross Enamait

One of our most favourite exercises down here at Main Beach Training is Jump Rope Training or Skipping.

One of my heroes and someone that has inspired me ever since I fell in love with strength and conditioning coaching is Ross Enamait from rosstraining.com

Ross and his no B.S. approach to training, pushed me to work harder at my trade and his videos I always come back to, to fire up or to regain perspective.

We have had a few new members battling with the art of Skipping, as it is a tool that if practised and constantly worked on becomes more fun and more effective as a conditioning tool. So to help fire these members up and inspire them to keep on dealing with the failures and successes of Jump Rope Training - Here is an awesome video demonstration from Ross, enjoy...

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Just a quick Holiday message to all my readers and followers...

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

Big thanks to all the Main Beach Training tribe and followers, you make this job an absolute joy and reinforce why I love what I do.

Travel safe and look forward to some kick ass changes for the new year.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


This just got me psyched for a FUN intense training session. The Summer Ladies Squad tore up a big special Xmas training workout this morning and I was reminded of this video from Joe Hashey at Synergy Athletics 

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Lil Aussie Battler

One of the Main Beach Training Team, Jeames Young, is a budding young talent on the Australian Junior Surfing Scene.

He has been busting his arse in and out of the water for as long as I have known him, and his determination recently scored him a fourth place at the Australian Surfing Titles at Coffs Harbour and a selection in a Selection Camp to get in the Australian Team for the ISA World Junior Championships.

Jeames has a lot of heart and I wish him all the best in achieving his 2011-2012 goals. Jeames is also a self-proclaimed pest and has been harrassing me to put one of his new videos up on the blog. So here it is mate, now stop bugging me about it :)

Please leave a comment or whatever, because Jeames loves reading 'em.

For all his videos check out his website at www.jeamesyoung.com

Jeames Young from Jeames Young on Vimeo.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Monday Kick Off Again

This crazy existence that we live every single day is cyclic.

Cycles are everywhere and all the time - whether it is changing of the seasons, night into day, rainy into dry, awake into sleep, love into hate, driven into lazy etc. The list literally goes on and on.

Recently I discovered that I have been going through my own little cycle which I found to be significant. When I first got into this business I was driven, ambitious, motivated, energetic, stress free, strong, fit etc. And of late I've noticed that my body has gone through changes... That I'm now less energetic, less motivated, less driven, weaker, fitness is poor and that I'm highly stressed. This freaked me out, BIG TIME! 

My goal, my purpose and my passion is to help guide people to be motivated, energetic, driven etc. My focus has been on the wrong things of late, and that I lost my way with the things that I hold the most important. Therefore my life has cycled into a less desirable phase. This is not the best place to be when I'm trying to be a guide or a leader, especially when the things that I'm struggling with personally are things that people look to me to help them with.

But I'm not concerned as we need these cycles to be able to comprehend, understand and appreciate the positive-more desirable times in our lives. Whenever it rains I hear people whining that the weather is horrible and when the sun is shining, all you hear is people praising the beautiful weather. It's when we experience the negative that we can truly appreciate the positive.

Ever since I can remember I've wanted to be an Surf Life Saver and a 'Hawaiian Waterman.' These amazing people who are considered some of the elite people that brave, understand and respect the ocean. Some patrol and protect, others tackle big waves and others just live and breathe the ocean. When I discovered that I was in this negative cycle, it occurred to me that I wasn't following one my life goals and that the only way I could move forward again was to take up a challenge and accomplish a childhood dream.

After months of training, studying and long hours I achieved my goal of obtaining my Surf Life Saving Gold Medallion. This is one of the highest awards in Surf Lifesaving and something that I have been striving to achieve for many years. This award means that I am now someone who can patrol and manage a beach by myself, that I am trained to protect swimmers and rescue if required. And it is this award which has reignited my passion again, that has sparked my motivation, energy, drive, and when I hit the gym today Strength and Fitness will be back on the cards again.

Remember don't hate these cycles, embrace them and use them as 'tackling fuel' or motivation for when things are bright again. Thanks for a great 2011 and have a quick watch of some pretty inspiring videos.